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Best RPG Games für DS: Die Top 50 besten Nintendo DS RPG Rollenspiele aller Zeiten geordnet nach bester Test-Bewertung. dass Geschmäcker unterschiedlich sind – also, was sind eure Lieblings-RPGs für den DS? Auf geht's zu unserer Top-5 der besten DS-RPG! Fünf Top-Rollenspiele für DS. Es folgt ein kleiner Auszug aus der Liste der höchstbewerteten DS RPGs. Dragon Quest 9. Dragon Quest IX: Hüter des Himmels. Hier eine Auflistung der Top-Titel: Der Bit-Kracher aus SNES-Tagen: Chrono Trigger - Nintendo DS Spiel Die Klassiker: Mario & Luigi. Top-Charts Nintendo DS Rollenspiele-Spiele: 1. Harvest Moon; 2. Lost in Blue 2; 3. FF 4; 4. Golden Sun 3; 5. Pokemon Schwarz 2; 6. Dragon Quest 9; 7. Rune.

Great Ds Rpgs

Fünf Top-Rollenspiele für DS. Es folgt ein kleiner Auszug aus der Liste der höchstbewerteten DS RPGs. Dragon Quest 9. Dragon Quest IX: Hüter des Himmels. Top-Charts Nintendo DS Rollenspiele-Spiele: 1. Harvest Moon; 2. Lost in Blue 2; 3. FF 4; 4. Golden Sun 3; 5. Pokemon Schwarz 2; 6. Dragon Quest 9; 7. Rune. Hier eine Auflistung der Top-Titel: Der Bit-Kracher aus SNES-Tagen: Chrono Trigger - Nintendo DS Spiel Die Klassiker: Mario & Luigi. Great Ds Rpgs

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25 Best DS Strategy Games—#1 Is Brilliant! Ziel des Titels ist es die Früchte eines heiligen Baums zu finden, die jeden Wunsch wahr werden lassen. Level-5 erschuf mit Fantasy Life, welches am Es gibt viele Quests, Nebenmissionen und Ausrüstungsgegenstände. Ist das in Japan nicht bereits erschienen? Das Mario-Rollenspiel führt dich durch wirklich witzige Schauplätze des Pilzkönigreichs. Casino Online Lastschrift zeitgleich mit den Finnische Kleidung in Europa für den Nintendo 3DS erschienen ist. The first Scribblenauts was an idea we absolutely loved Great Ds Rpgs online spielen casino. In their latest outing, the brothers are joined by Is My Bank Safe arch-nemesis as the two alternate between their own adventures in this new Nintendo Solitaire Kartenspiele RPG. Privacy Overview. Love the Hub. Monster Hunter Generations is the latest game Freddy Kommt Vorbei the series.

But when your character dies, he can send out an SOS and another player using the wireless network can traverse the dungeon and rescue him.

This ensures your character won't restart from the beginning at level 1 and allows for deeper exploration of the dungeon. Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer understands that gamers are mercenary, however: for rescuing a character, they can receive loot and gold for their efforts.

Whether you're running the game all the way to the bottom or playing paramedic for cash and prizes, Shiren the Wanderer is definitely one of the top Nintendo DS role playing games available.

A near perfect port of one of the most beloved games of all time, Chrono Trigger is one of the DS's best RPGs, no matter when it was originally released.

If you don't know what CT is all about, I won't explain it here. What makes this one of the greatest DS role-playing games is how much attention was lavished onto it.

Although the DS's speakers make the soundtrack a bit tinny, if you use earphones the classic music is note-perfect. It even has bonus areas which make use of the long lost missing tracks that could only be found by hacking the original cartridge.

Casual fans will love the fact that this all-time great is available on the go and hardcore RPG fans know this is a must-have due to the extra endings and story scenes added in.

Yes, they're canon. No, I don't know if that means Square is considering a sequel. Atlus's hardcore strategy RPG is several hundred hours worth of gaming on a small little cartridge.

A remake of the popular PS2 game, players take a lighthearted romp through the underworld as they quest to become the unopposed ruler of the land.

Featuring a stunningly deep battle system, a difficult to master job-based levels system, and hours upon hours, Disgaea DS is no joke. What makes this one of the top 10 best Nintendo DS games is how much is included into such simple gameplay.

The tactical combat completely blows out its competitors and will leave gamers with more bang for their buck than just about any other title on the list.

Okay, so, there's actual three games, with the third in the series released in September. However, they are all enough alike that it would be a waste to place them all separately on the list.

Featuring blisteringly difficult turn-based battles and confusing dungeons, this is a roleplaying game for the pros. All of the games feature minimal story and plenty of battles.

Master inventory management, grind away levels, and for God's sake, make a map. Don't be fooled by the cutesy anime characters, you're not going to see a lot of comic mishap or precious little romances: just hardcore RPG action.

The Mario Brothers have a surprisingly storied history as role playing game stars. In their latest outing, the brothers are joined by their arch-nemesis as the two alternate between their own adventures in this new Nintendo designed RPG.

Explaining the game is harder than it should be: long story short, Bowser inhales all of the Mushroom Kingdom, including Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

Fortunately, Bowser's insides are set up like a side-scrolling adventure rather than a normal biological system.

While Mario and Luigi galavant about the Koopa King's insides, Bowser is on his own quest to retake his castle from the magician Fawful.

Absurd, right? But the joyfully imaginative game quickly grows on the player. Nintendo has made the villainous Bowser one of their most endearing characters over the past few years and this starring turn from the King of the Koopas is a welcome turn.

The Bowser portions makes up for the often frustrating Mario and Luigi platforming segments. Stay tuned through the ending: old school nerds who fell into the Nintendo sticker book traps back in kindergarten will feel a sense of nostalgia when the gloriously painted still images are displayed.

Featuring completely 3D graphics, it really pushes what the DS can do, performance wise. Of course, at the end of the day, it is still a portable: you're not going to see much better than Final Fantasy 7 caliber graphics, but the changes don't stop there.

The story is retranslated, the music remastered, and the battles rebalanced. Even for fans of the original, it is almost an entirely new experience.

The magic of experiencing something old and comfortable and familiar in an entirely new way is almost indescribable.

It is like slipping on a comfortable pair of slippers in a new home. Although Dragon Quest 5 comes in just above a Final Fantasy game in this list of the top 10 best DS RPGs, don't take that as an endorsement of one series over the other.

The Nintendo DS remakes of the Dragon Quest games are on their own exemplary, but the fifth in the series is an interesting diversion from the classic series.

In DQ5 , you play a character from childhood to adulthood. All the while, you are doggedly pursuing the family quest to gather the pieces of the heroes armor together to rid the world of evil.

There are a few big twists along the way, but the biggest departure from classic RPG tropes is that halfway through the game you get to choose a woman you want to marry.

This marriage will produce two children and from then on out DQ5 is a family affair. This game has all of the mainstays of the Dragon Quest series, but the clever storytelling and thwarting of the player's expectations at every turn makes this the best Dragon Quest game available on the Nintendo DS by far.

Somewhat reminiscent of the Shin Megami Tensei series, players control hip high school students who are concerned with fashion, electronics, and shopping.

Players are able to control multiple characters at the same time, one attacking via button inputs while another being controlled with the Nintendo DS's touch screen.

The battles can get hectic quick and they're often quite difficult. However difficult the game may be, the experience of using complicated techniques to control your party is enough to make the battle system a winner.

It makes it easier than ever to try and fill out your Pokedex through trade, but you know you want both versions.

Your lead Pokemon will follow you around on the map screen so you can show it off, talk to it, and have it pick up free stuff for you.

Along with that new feature, it also brings a new minigame to the mix, the Pokeathalon that takes advantage of the DS touch screen.

The Hero is a Celstrian, and angelic race tasked with protecting humanity, but something goes wrong, and you awake without your powers, but still, retain your memories.

You must quest to regain your powers, help humanity, and solve the mystery of the great earthquake that made you fall. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies allows an unprecedented amount of character customization than previous entries.

This extends to not only your basic appearance, but your character class, and your armor and weapons change based on what you equip as well.

Battle itself takes place across both screens of the DS and your partner shares their life bar with you, so even if one takes no damage, you can still fall in battle.

The tactical soul system adds depth to the Castlevania formula, and you can use the souls you collect from monsters into a level editor that you can compete with your friends for the fastest clear time.

This is one of the best Castlevania games ever made, so you need to play Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Today is the day of the Millenial Fair, a huge celebration that sees his village come together with a fantastic display of carnival games and food stalls.

His childhood friend is also unveiling her newest invention, and he wants to support her endeavor by helping to demonstrate the machine to a large crowd.

The demonstration goes horribly wrong when his new friend tries the machine, and sends Chrono on a journey through time. One is the obvious touchscreen elements, but what really makes this version stand out is the extra content.

They added a bunch of extra side quests, tightened up the already amazing script for the game and added a brand new ending.

Chrono Trigger is easily one of the best SquareEnix RPGs of all time, and being able to take it on the go to experience it anywhere is the cherry on top.

Founder and owner of ProFanboy. Most of you will recognize or even still play some of the games mentioned on this list. Browse Games By Genre.

All Genres. Atlus, After an atomic incident in the Antarctic, a giant black field threatens to swallow the world. Short Review. This version takes advantage of the dual-screen well without being gimmicky or obtrusive.

All in all, it is a satisfying and interesting title. With the robust Pokedex, a new tournament and a fun new minigame this entry has a lot to offer.

The world is under threat of a new dark age. These vortexes seem to be leeching the energy necessary for alchemy and even life itself.

Second verse, same as the first? A crisis with the royal family has spawned a new interest in an ancient floating castle. In order to gain entrance to the castle, The Duke of High Lagaard is recruiting heroes.

You must climb a massive magical tree and find the castle floating above. Navigation and battle are turn-based. The second screen on the DS is for making your own map.

The world is under the grip of control by vampires. In order to save humanity and free them from the yoke of oppression. Two vampire hunters quest to gain power and destroy the vampire threat.

Lunar Knights have a few gameplay mechanics that make it stand out. The next is a short section where you control a spaceship in a shooter style minigame.

The story is also entertaining so if you want a non-traditional action RPG, check this one out. Get yourself that legendary and see its new form.

Show off to your friends, and help out newbies by catching strong Pokemon and trade them online.

As with other Dragon Quest games, you play as the hero. Long before smartphones and tablets, it was the device you needed with you at all times, to enjoy the games you loved on the go.

To those looking to one of gaming's greatest devices of yesteryear, we proudly present the 25 best DS games of all time. Kirby meets Pikmin. It's a weird hybrid to be sure, yet somehow in practice it makes perfect sense.

Kirby Mass Attack may have been Kirby's last jaunt on the DS, but it's also tied for his best with the excellent but wildly different Canvas Curse.

The game's level design and puzzles are brilliant, using the multiple Kirby idea to its full potential. Couple that with the expected charm of a Kirby game, and we have an adventure that rivals any of the pink marshmallow's previous exploits.

Brooding hero? Fantasy setting? Turn-based combat? However, this game takes serious risks with the formula, concocting an original and thorny experience.

The three-by-three grid battle systems allows for an infinite number of strategies and flashy combos, while the branching, time travel-based storyline keeps the plot interesting.

As the game stretches on, you'll find yourself wishing that it never stopped. Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 does everything it can to prove that you are not fit to be a surgeon.

Surgery is hard, lives are at stake, and using the touch-screen capabilities of the DS has never been quite as fun as when it puts you into terrifying medical emergencies.

Sweating buckets trying to kill an infection, gritting teeth as you sew a patient back up, freezing in tension while trying to mend a broken bone.

If nothing else, Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 does an incredible job of conveying the agonizing pressure of being a surgeon while also being an incredibly fun game.

This sequel perfected the original's novel ideas and inspired successors like Surgeon Simulator years later.

Sonic the Hedgehog games tend to be hit and miss, but luckily for anyone who owned a DS, Sonic Rush was very much a hit. Sega's blue blur was as fast as he's ever been on Nintendo's portable system, featuring lush, colorful stages rendered in 2D and beautiful animations for Sonic and Blaze, who were 3D.

One minute you're rolling along the hills on the top screen, the next you're plummeting at high speed into the bottom. There isn't a more quintessential handheld Sonic game than this.

Thank the Goddess they did, because it is not to be missed. Little did we know that things like plot-changing choices and major twists could be found way back on the SNES, but Dragon Quest 5 has them in spades.

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